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  • No landline or engineer visit required
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Why choose O2 5G home broadband?

O2 has ambitious plans to expand its 5G coverage to a large number of towns and cities in a fairly short period of time, so coverage will be getting better all the time, meaning that if you can’t get O2 5G where you are now, you may be able to soon.

O2 plans also include extras, such as free and automatic access to O2’s network of over 16,000 Wi-Fi hotspots across the UK, so you won’t just be able to get online at home using O2, but also when out and about.

What are the advantages of 5G home broadband?

Whether you opt for O2 or another network, there are plenty of good reasons to choose 5G for your home broadband.

For one thing, with 5G home broadband you don’t need a landline, so if you’re not using yours for calls then you can get rid of it and potentially save a lot of money.

The reason you don’t need a landline is that 5G home broadband comes into your home wirelessly (just like you’d receive the signal wirelessly with a 5G phone or 5G SIM Only). That in turn makes installation easy. You simply get sent a 5G router, plug it in, and you’ll be more or less up and running.

As such there’s no need for an engineer to come and install it, which can potentially lower costs and certainly makes setup faster.

That in turn also means 5G home broadband is a great choice as a short-term internet option, especially as plans are often available on 30-day contracts. So if you’re having problems with your fibre broadband you could get 5G home broadband in the meantime. Or similarly if you’re going to be moving to a new house in a few months, 5G home broadband could be a simple option in the meantime.

But 5G home broadband is also a good long-term option, because as well as being good value and easy to set up, it’s also very fast. We’ll talk more about speeds below, but it rivals fibre (the fastest form of fixed line broadband). In fact, it can potentially be even faster – but that will depend on what fibre and 5G speeds are available to you.

5G home broadband is far, far faster than most other forms of fixed line broadband though, as well as being much faster than 4G home broadband. So if you’re stuck on a slow connection at the moment then 5G home broadband could be the solution – just as long as you have 5G coverage.

O2 5G coverage

O2’s 5G coverage is expanding rapidly, albeit with an initial focus on towns and cities. Check out our O2 5G coverage page for in-depth details of where O2 5G is available now, and where it’s likely to land soon.

O2 5G speeds

O2 hasn’t said anything about 5G home broadband speeds, but typical 5G speeds on a phone are in the range of 150-250Mbps. They can however get far higher, with peak speeds potentially exceeding 1Gbps.

5G home broadband is likely to be similar, with actual speeds depending on coverage, home layout, number of connected devices, and other factors.

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