Three 5G Home Broadband deals

  • Get internet for your whole household with Three Home Broadband
  • Enjoy superfast 5G speeds 
  • No landline or engineer visit required
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Three 5G Broadband

  • 5G Broadband Router
  • No landline or engineer visit
  • 30-day money back guarantee
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24 month contract

No upfront cost


5G data


for 6 months

then £22.00

monthly cost will rise every April by inflation (RPI) plus 3.9%
6 months half price
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Three 5G Broadband

  • 5G Broadband Router
  • No landline or engineer visit
  • 30-day money back guarantee
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1 month contract

No upfront cost


5G data


a month

monthly cost will rise every April by inflation (RPI) plus 3.9%
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Why choose Three 5G home broadband?

Three has put a real focus on its 5G home broadband service, so much so that it launched said service before it even made 5G phone and 5G SIM Only plans available.

Plus, Three has more spectrum that’s ideal for 5G use than rival networks, which could help it offer greater speeds and a more reliable service. It’s also rapidly growing its 5G coverage, so availability is improving all the time.

Three also offers unlimited data as standard, so you don’t need to worry about how much you’re using your broadband, you can just get everything connected and stream, download, browse, work and play as much as you want.

Plus, you can choose between a 12-month and 24-month contract, according to your needs. And Three offers a 14-day money back guarantee, so there’s no risk.

What are the advantages of 5G home broadband?

5G home broadband is the most exciting thing to happen to broadband in years, as it offers loads of benefits over fixed line broadband and especially over 4G home broadband.

For a start, it’s fast. As in very fast. Slow speeds meant that 4G home broadband never really took off, but 5G home broadband can easily match or exceed most wired connections – including superfast fibre.

So even if fast fibre is available to you, 5G home broadband might be a good alternative for reasons that we’ll get into, but if you’re somewhere with slow fixed line broadband but that has 5G coverage, then 5G home broadband could be a no-brainer.

Speed aside, 5G home broadband also has the advantage of being fast to get installed. Once you’ve placed your order you simply wait for your router to arrive then plug it in. And Three offers next working day delivery, so you can potentially get online under 24 hours after you place your order.

That simple setup is possible because there’s no need for a landline or fibre cables, so no need to call an engineer out. And because you don’t need a landline, you have the option to get rid of yours, thereby saving lots of money on line rental costs.

All of this makes 5G home broadband a great long-term option, but also ensures it’s a top choice if you only need a relatively short-term connection (assuming you opt for a short-term plan), as you can get up and running fast, so could use it while waiting for a fixed line connection to get installed or repaired, for example. Though at the time of writing Three’s shortest 5G home broadband plans are 12 months – for a 30-day one you’ll have to consider an alternate network.

Three 5G coverage

Three 5G is available in hundreds of towns and cities. Plus Three’s 5G coverage is expanding rapidly, which means that even if you can’t get Three 5G home broadband now, you probably will be able to eventually – with large towns and cities likely to be first in line. Check out our Three 5G coverage page for full details.

Three 5G speeds

Three’s 5G home broadband speeds average upwards of 100-200Mbps for downloads, with peak speeds of 1Gbps. That peak is far faster than you can expect even on most fibre broadband – though your actual speed will depend on things like coverage and how many devices you have connected. Our guide "How fast is 5G" provides further details regarding 5G speeds.

How does Three’s 5G home broadband compare to fibre broadband?

With Three’s 5G home broadband you can expect average download speeds at least in the region of 100-200Mbps, and potentially higher in some locations. With fibre broadband it’s a lot more variable as it depends on your plan, but most fibre services top out at under 100Mbps, making them much, much slower.

The exception to this is ‘full fibre’ (also known as FTTP or fibre to the premises). This can in some cases come close to or even exceed 1Gbps, and while Three’s 5G home broadband can get to around those speeds too, it’s unlikely to consistently do so – with full fibre you will more consistently get there.

However, full fibre is also not that widely available at the time of writing, so you may well not be able to get it in your home. It’s also typically quite expensive and will almost certainly cost you more than Three’s 5G home broadband. Those speeds are also more than most people will ever need.

What router is supplied with Three 5G home broadband?

Three’s 5G home broadband is delivered via the Three 5G Hub. This is a rebranded ZTE MC801A 5G Hub, and it supports maximum download speeds of 3.8Gbps (which is more than you can currently get on Three’s network but keeps it future proofed).

Upload speeds top out at 542Mbps, and the Three 5G Hub supports 30 simultaneous connections – so you can get all your computers, phones and other gadgets online with ease.

Plus, the Three 5G Hub has two Ethernet ports, two antenna ports (to improve your signal with an external antenna if needed), and it supports both 2.4GHz and 5GHz Wi-Fi.

Who else offers 5G home broadband?

5G home broadband is also available from EE, Vodafone and National Broadband. Their 5G coverage varies, so if you can’t get a 5G signal with Three they’re worth looking into. They also offer different plan durations and prices, and provide a different 5G router, but the core experience on them will be similar.

What about 5G mobile broadband?

Three doesn’t currently offer 5G mobile broadband - so you need to plug its 5G broadband device in, though it does have a battery-powered 4G mobile broadband router.

For 5G mobile broadband, check out EE or Vodafone, both of which do offer it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the router cost extra?

No, the Three 5G Hub is available at no extra cost whether you select a 12-month or 24-month plan. That’s a major advantage over some rival services, especially as Three’s 5G home broadband plans have competitive monthly prices too.

How do I set Three 5G home broadband up?

The Three 5G Hub is a breeze to get up and running, as it’s designed so that you need to do little more than plug it in. Just follow the simple included instructions and you’ll be up and running in minutes.

Do I need a landline?

Not at all. With 5G home broadband, landlines can become a thing of the past (assuming you don’t use yours for calls). So you have the option of getting rid of your landline and therefore avoiding line rental costs.

Can I get unlimited data?

Yes, unlimited data comes as standard on Three’s 5G home broadband plans, whatever contract duration you choose.


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